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Hyster is an American manufacturing company specializing in forklifts and other materials-handling equipment. Hyster was founded in 1929 as the Willamette-Ersted Company in Portland, Oregon. The company was purchased in 1989 by NACCO Industries, Inc. and became a part of NACCO Materials Handling Group. NACCO spun off the materials handling business in 2012 as Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc., which continues to market products under the Hyster brand name.

An anonymous Hyster Yale-Group's former employer posted a negative review of the company in October 2018, on the website "kununu":

"Extremely Disappointing:

Not recommended

What I dislike: Where do I start? Let's start with leadership. They got rid of the best VSM they had. What message does that send to the employees?

Suggestions for improvement: Get rid of the leadership and start over. Do what you say and say what you mean.

Company Culture: If you like the "Good ole Boys" Club and you are part of the Club, you will do well. However, all others beware that your time is limited.

Work-Life Balance: There is NO work-life balance as you are always working OT each and every week. This is due to the fact the supply chain cannot get parts.

Career Development: If you are part of the, "Good Ole Boy" club you will be just fine. Otherwise, protect yourself and get out.

Workplace Safety: Make sure you do not get hurt as they will state that it was due to your negligence, not theirs.

Teamwork: There are pockets of good Teamwork. However, leadership in Berea does not understand the term.

Support from management: Not much good to say about this. They are only interested in the volume of trucks put on-line and shipped each month. It is not about quality. The worst part is they will build trucks without the required parts. Off-line them and put parts on later. Kinda defeats the purpose of quality and process.

Challenging Work: The laborers are fantastic and do a great job. The problem is with the leadership.

Job Security: The word security is funny. There is no security.

Internal Communication: They say good things, but never follow through. They need to look at the man in the mirror and ask themselves if they believe what they see and hear coming from themselves.

Freedom to work independently: There is minimal freedom and getting worse each and every day."


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Current Employee - Sales says

"You can never advance within"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-too many “chiefs” and not enough “indians” causing those down the line to not know whose decisions to follow -lack of strategic thinking, very reactionary -management does not address personnel issues -workflow issues that have “been around for years” go unsolved due to workplace politics -stressful environment -management does not foster an environment conducive to teamwork -several colleagues admitted if they could find another job that paid them as well as HYG they would leave"

Former Employee - Manager says

"The management team is selfish and cowardly. Integrity has been replaced with lies and called proper. A pretended desire to improve yet no energy to make actual changes as needed. Not people friendly."

Current Employee - Senior Pricing Analyst says

"Politics, lack of Integrity and dishonesty"

Manager says

"Completely incompetent management (certainly in Australia) . They go from bad to worse with the Managing Directors in the last 8 or so years. Just unable to think about the future, theyre always just in firfighting mode. IT systems are a joke, theyve tried to fix them, but management can't think ahead, always looking backwards. often very boring, with little to do"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of communication between management and staff. PMP review is a waste of time. Promotion is mostly based on who is close to the management team."

Former Employee - Staff Accountant says

"So much turnover, in the 3 years I was there literally every top to mid level manager either quit or were fired. The morale from the factory floor up is very depressing. Doesn't seem to be any clear direction on how to address the major inventory issues. People consistently make the "band-aid" fix instead of long term sustainable fixes. Feels as if the company is hit with a market down turn they won't be able to survive."

Current Employee - Area Coach II of Operations says

"Extremely poor leadership at the Berea, KY facility! They say good things and act like they care about the work force, but never deliver on what they say. Recently they let go of the best VSM we had who was making very positive improvements and was engaged with the work force. He was very much respected by the work force and they were very able and willing to help him at any time. This was a HUGE mistake by the leadership. They are now trying to get rid of the other engaged VSM, who does a good job. The remaining VSM could not fight himself out of a box"

Former Employee - Production Associate says

"Long long hours-2nd shift always has to work overtime. It’s so hot in parts and management won’t get half of the fans or AC fixed Constant leaks from the roof all over the plant Trying to boost truck production to take up every minute of the night They say 4 day work week but it’s usually 5-6 days. I remember only have a 3 day weekend if it was a holiday. Better kiss butt for your pay increases and never miss Expect to get moved a lot even if you aren’t comfortable with a job Terrible medical and dental. It’s only 60% you still end up paying out the butt for crappy insurance."

Assembly Line Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Nothing to say because if u dont know the right person you wont go no where but out the door when thay are done with u and god forbid if u get hurt there thay will fight u all the way"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"To many circles and you have to be in the right one. A lot of back stabbing going on by one's that want to move up the ladder. Using other people. ****"

Monteur (Current Employee) says

"Corrupte management. Geef geen comentaar want je wordt ontslagen. Ze kunnen nu ook geen nieuw personeel vinden ivm het behandelen van het (oud)personeelAltijd commentaar op de mensen van de werkvloer"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place was built on the Good Ol Boy system and is still alive and well. This company is behind the times in everything and the management and employees have no issue with being outdated. In the near future, they will become obsolete due to their own inbreed culture. Don't waste your time applying, hiring and promotions are based on neopotism or friendships not a person's merit. Management only wants "yes people" to tell them they are the best. They don't want people that think differently and definitely do not want someone that looks different from them."

Major Accounts Sales Support Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Hyster-Yale recruited me on the basis I would be working on written bid submissions. In actual fact, the job was a sales support role requiring advanced numeracy skills. As a result of this mismatching of skill sets, I was given little work to do and left to pursue a more rewarding role that would be more suitable for my background.High SalaryMisleading job descriptions, poor culture"

Line operator (Former Employee) says

"Pros: *4 day work week * Has a hot bar * Weekly pay Cons: *Lack of true leadership *Uses the "good ole buddy" system to advance."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"We cannot gets parts to run production. We've had several work stoppages. And the outlook is bleak. This is the first place I've ever worked that seem have no idea how to run a supply chain. There's a "good ole boy" network at play. If you're not one of the chosen few then forget it, you're not going to make any advances. Honesty is so rare here. One wonders if the "good ole boy" network even extends to the suppliers because some of them get away with murder it seems.Good pay, benefits.No parts, weak outlook. Local leadership seems stressed and micro-managed."

Health and Safety Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The Quality and Safety programs are not followed closely. The only time I saw them taken seriously is when an audit was scheduled or some type of injury occurred. The companies management is reactive and no proactive. If the management does not like you, you will not be staying very long. The most positive thing about the company is the production workers. The production workers work long hours and a lot of overtime, especially in the summer."

Area Coach Leader (Current Employee) says

"I have been sold a "Bill of Goods" that have never been delivered. The terminology "Value Stream" should be eliminated and changed to "Fire Fighting" as this organization likes to talk about Value Stream, but they really do not understand the concept and those at the decision making levels truly do not understand nor support this philosophy. For this organization to move to the next level, the entire leadership levels below the CEO and President needs to be re-evaluated as there is a significant amount of the, "Good-Ole-Buddy" system at play, This has led to significant impacts on the success of the business, lack of business strategies and an inability to meet commitments made to customers. These same relationships have delayed and at times prevented implementing solutions to root causes, which prevent delivery of goods to our customers. HYG is stuck in the 1950's and needs a wake up call. Business activities and strategies which worked in the 1950's no longer work in 2000's. In fact, there are no Top-Down Objectives or Strategies, which drive actions at the individual Business Units. When you hire someone, make sure you allow them to show you the way to success. As Steve Jobs stated, "We hire smart people to tell us what to do, not so we can tell them what to do", HYG has such a great opportunity in this industry, but until they look at the man in the mirror and decide whether they believe what they see, they will continue to flounder and not grow. They also need to have a leader in position that truly understands integrated program management. The current strategyThe shop floor personnel are fantasticExtremely poor executive and site leadership, lack of tranparency, very poor delivery on commitments."

Proposal Specialist (Former Employee) says

"In the two years I was with HYG, there seemed to be a lot of transformation. I felt like we were always trying to catch up with other industries. There were several great people with HYG but there was always a lot going on that I wish I could have been more on the front end of the issue to help come to a resolution."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The pay and benefits were good. The working hours were off the chain with constant over time. The over all culture was very competitive and could be be cut throat. The Plant recently switched over to the value stream model which created an even more unorganized operation.The hardest part of the job was trying to achieve your goals with little or no support. The overall leadership in the Plant is totally out of touch with its employees. This plant has one of the highest costs to manufacture a forklift in all of the HYG plants due to its management. This will eventually have a big impact on future operations. If you like overtime this is a great place to work!!"

Order Management, logistics, sales operations specialist (Current Employee) says

"This company has grown me so much and developed me into a better employee. It’s all about who you know and can be an extremely political place to work"

Major Accounts Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Constantly under pressure as deadlines are to be met, and no great help from the Managers and loooong working hours to meet deadlines. If you are liked by the Managers/Senior Management you will move you up the ladder very quickly. HR turns a blind eye when complaining about Upper Management.BenefitsLong hours, favouritism, too much politics"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Upper management at this location is a joke. Too many chiefs and not enough workers. There is a lot of lack of communication that goes on. If your a hard worker they will use and abuse you until your all used up then they throw you away and move on to their next work horse. They will get feed back from employees but they never put it too good use. If you want to be harassed and used and abused work here. No matter how hard you work there is no appreciation. Plus their "non discrimination" policy is a joke.Good pay and benefitsHostile work environment"

NOVO Training Manager, Hyster-Yale Group Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Good to great pay. Slow southern pace and style. Struggle with strategy a bit. Systems and integration concerns. US company struggling with global identity."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"At first it was an exciting place to work at until the day i left off training and was by myself i had to keep finding the people i needed which slowed down the work progression communication is a big factorYou cant work at your own pace sometimesNo real communication"

Materials Management (Current Employee) says

"High turnover in leadership roles. 5 plant managers in in 5 years. Supporting staff turnover matches. Old school ERP system. Great product and coworkers - many with 20+ years On site clinic with pharmacy.Benefits, clinic, coworkersPlant leadership"

Welder/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Learning opportunities available. Work days are busy, factory is hot. I learned a lot about robot welding. Hardest part of the job was the unfair treatment of females."

Parts (Current Employee) says

"Little support from management. Little to no training. Highly stressful between departments. The culture is depressing. Everyone on edge. Building relationships with staff members is the only reason to go --- to not let them down."

Remarketing Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The employment experience will depend on your department and manager. Some are great and some are not. Overall not a bad place to work. One perk is the onsite healthcare providers."

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